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Suggested by Alexandra Write the March 23, 2023
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In July and August, our Tourist Office organizes fishing initiations at the edge of the Jaunay Lake within the Jaunay'Scapades. It is the volunteers of the association "La Gaule du Jaunay" who supervise children and adults wishing to discover this activity. Me, I'm here to welcome you as a representative of the Tourist Office!

That morning, convinced that we must live the experience in order to better talk about it to our customers, I ask Pierre-Marie who supervises the activity if I can try too. So he sends me to Jean-Louis who has already installed all the equipment, with his feet in the water. “I have never fished before. I say to Jean-Louis. He answers me with a wink: “All the women have already fished! “Okay, I came across the comedian of the group!

Initiations pêche au Lac du Jaunay

First test

Hook the worms on the hook. Not easy, it's small, it moves, but after a few tries, I get there. Jean-Louis comments: “Usually, women don't like to put verses! Me neither, but I say nothing and I take it upon myself, I don't want to look like a sissy in front of the fishermen!

Second test

Cast the line, preferably without hooking the neighbour. It takes me a little time to understand the pendulum movement to impose on the rod to go far enough in the water. I finally succeed with the help of Jean-Louis.

Third test

Keep calm, wait… We still exchange a few words with Jean-Louis here and there. Then we are silent. Sitting next to each other, we watch birds fly away, circles form on the surface of the water. And we say nothing.

And there, I begin to feel the effect of fishing on me. I calm down. I calm down. Usually, when I wake up, I feel like I have a ferret running around in my head. A ferret who is agitated, who talks constantly, tells me to think about reserving the canteen for little Loulou and buying kibble for the cat. But here, as I sit idle on the edge of the Jaunay Lake, the ferret says nothing more. And I savor this moment of nothing-doing and non-agitation.

I almost blame the float that suddenly moves and the fish that chose my line. A rudd that we unhook and put back in the water. Here too, I take it upon myself. Touching a cold, sticky fish costs me, but I absolutely want to go through with this experience.

Finally, sixty-seven minutes and two keepers later, here is what I remember from this initiation: Recreational fishing just to catch fish and put them back in the lake is not for me! On the other hand, I loved human contact with fishermen and I felt for the first time the charm of this Lac du Jaunay that encourages me to settle down and take a break.

One thing is certain: I will be back!