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Equestrian activities

Ride a horse have you been dreaming about for a long time? Maybe you already know how to ride, but you can't find the time every day? How about taking advantage of your holidays to (re)discover this noble friend of man?

Le Garangeoire equestrian center and Haras d'Ancœur pony club offer equestrian activities for beginners and experienced riders. Baptisms, ponies, lessons, walks in the forest, courses... It's up to you to choose the formula that will make you happy!

Also take advantage of the 200 hectares of woods, forest and private paths around the ponds of La Garangeoire for walks in the heart of nature.

Where to put your foot in the stirrup?





Where to go horseback riding?

The Departmental Equestrian Tourism Committee of Vendée (CDTE 85) offers 3 equestrian routes in the Pays des Achards.

A 28 km route and two loops of 23 and 31 km will take you through sunken lanes, small enclosed fields and thick hedges… elements so characteristic of the landscapes of our territory.

Good to know

The Regional Equestrian Tourism Committee (CRTE) strives to publicize and remind people of the rules of common sense and safety that must be respected so that the practice of equestrian tourism, both sport and leisure, remains a pleasure for all. .

  • Do not cross fields, pastures, crops, unnecessarily or for a simple shortcut. If for a valid reason you must do so, follow the curbs or treatment lines and, if possible, dismount. Even if the field does not appear to be under cultivation, its surface belongs to someone and it is a private surface.
  • Only trot and canter if the path is clear. Visibility must be sufficient to be able to stop quickly if necessary. In all cases, go back to a walk to cross a pedestrian or a cyclist. Do not forget that the horse can scare.
  • In case of loose or wet ground, go at a walk on the edges or in the middle of the path, and in single file for the groups in order to avoid marking the ground too much.
  • Finally, as for all hikers, pick up litter, respect nature and other users of natural spaces.

Where to see horses?

The equestrian shows organized at Stables of Artpaillange in Grosbreuil are renowned beyond our department. These representations depict the work of dressage and the beauty of the Lusitanian horses. They train daily in order to be flexible and muscular, to perform Haute Ecole figures.

Le Vendée stud farm, located in a 4,5 hectare park in the heart of La Roche-sur-Yon, is a place of meetings and exchanges for all members of the horse industry. It hosts sporting and cultural events such as dressage or working equitation competitions.

Originally created for Louis XIV, this stud farm still retains several working stables. It regularly offers guided tours, entertainment and horse shows.