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Running spots

Ah, it's good to go romp in nature ! While some simply want to clear their heads at the weekend, others are looking for challenge, speed or surpassing themselves. Whatever your motivation, the possibilities of courses are numerous on our territory. Discover our best running spots and put on your shoes! There is something for all levels!

Around Lake Jaunay

Here is “the” running spot in the Pays des Achards! Pretty views, elevation changes, morning tranquility for those who get up early... it's all there! You can do the full turn of the lake following the banks (12 km) or opt for a shorter version by choosing the east loop (upstream, about 5 km) or West (downstream, about 8 km). Many pedestrian circuits along the shores of the lake. They go through the countryside, thus varying landscapes and degree of difficulty.

The shot of ♥ Stone : On Sunday mornings, I love the absolute calm of the Jaunay Lake, birdsong, nature on awakening. I like to go around the lake with its 250m drop, not to mention the detours which can increase the difficulty. Between the Savarière dam and the Pré, this is the steepest and sportiest part of the course. But we are quickly rewarded by the very pretty viewpoints with the Belvedere!

The shot of ♥ from Celine: I start at the Baudrière barn. I love seeing the birds and trees change with the seasons! Above all, at each race, I stop at the observatory footbridge at the end of the lake. I have already seen an otter and a kingfisher! The paths are always easily accessible (depending on the season, there is more or less mud if it has rained!).

Most of our 26 hiking trails in the Pays des Achards are also suitable for running.

Around the Girouard

The paths there are shaded, narrow and have a slight drop, so perfect for trail runners! the Chive Valley Trail (10 km) and the Celts Trail (15,5 km) are the main trails of the town. They have the particularity of including several fords on the small Ciboule river which winds between the fields. Running insiders also appreciate the old motocross ground located to the left of the socio-cultural room and the pretty forest between Le Girouard and Sainte-Flaive-des-Loups for its many single tracks.

Around Beaulieu-sous-la-Roche

The hiking trails around Beaulieu-sous-la-Roche also appeal to you for a run surrounded by nature. If we had to choose just one, it would be the Nest Box Trail (5 km) because it is easily accessible from the town center and practicable all year round. Parking at the Omnisports hall is easy, then just put on your sneakers and follow the signs with a chickadee whose beak shows you the direction to take. This path can be extended by 2 km passing through the villages of Trois Moulins and La Rochette.

The shot of ♥ from Audrey: On the path of the nesting boxes, I appreciate the path that leads to the communal gardens because I have the feeling that the trees make me a guard of honor! I like the passage through the municipal gardens which are always so well maintained, the Terrasses du Jaunay with their colors which fluctuate throughout the year, the little bridge which evokes childhood memories and the pretty red house with its air of Canada.

The paths of Beaulieu under the Rock










Around the Bibrou lake

This small loop of 850 m near the city center of Les Achards (La Mothe district), offers the possibility of going for a run in the city while being in nature. In addition, the fitness trail equipment allows you to do exercises in addition to running.

Plan d'eau du Bibrou à La Mothe Achard peche

Running sports events

Several events bring together running enthusiasts each year. Without necessarily registering Iron Man 70.3 which takes place every year in Vendée since 2019, let yourself be tempted by:

Festive atmosphere and good humor guaranteed!