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Like countryside by the sea, ideally located in Vendee, our Pays des Achards combines preserved natural areas et charming little villages. It is a territory to be discovered, particularly welcoming for family holidays. Good news, even when it rains, you will find things to do!

To get to the point, consult our top 5 must-see sites. If you prefer to immerse yourself in our local culture, meet our craftsmen and experience the charm of our small built heritage. Enjoy our local gastronomy and be inspired by local secrets revealed on our blog.

Our must-haves

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Did you say "essential"?! Essential: adjective and masculine noun; “What it is impossible not to take into account, what it is absolutely necessary to have done, seen, etc. (Source: Le Larousse). There. All is said. Thank you to the essential dictionaries! If you were to stay [...]

Territory Secrets

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Share our territory secrets Do you want to take your time? To immerse yourself in our local culture? To favor meetings? In the Pays des Achards, we offer you an authentic, intimate countryside, which reveals itself to those who know how to look. In a village borough, a church rebuilt [...]

Visit the Vendée

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Our top 5 visits in Vendée The Pays des Achards is located halfway between Les Sables d'Olonne and La Roche-sur-Yon. Between the coast and the bocage, it is the ideal starting point to discover the unmissable sites as well as the characteristic landscapes which make the charm of our beautiful Vendée. [...]

Our villages

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The villages of the Pays des Achards The Pays des Achards has 9 communes, all different from each other. Some villages have retained a very rural aspect while others are marked by strong economic dynamism. Each commune presents particular aspects and invites discovery. Discover the [...]