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Located in the northwest part of the territory, the Jaunay Lake is an emblematic place of the Pays des Achards in Vendée. A true jewel in a green setting, it offers a preserved nature on 114 hectares.

Many activities can be practiced on and around the banks. The trails delight hiking enthusiasts, but you can also practice hiking there. fishing, Geocaching and nautical activities. It is also a privileged place for events and entertainment, especially in summer.

Sunset at Lac du Jaunay

From the morning mist to the warm colors of the sunset, Lac du Jaunay delights your sight and senses. This natural space is the ideal spot to spend some quality time with family or friends.

The banks of Lac du Jaunay

Each bank offers you a decor, an atmosphere and its share of discoveries. The right bank is the north bank, on the side of La Chapelle-Hermier. The left bank is located in the South, in the town of Saint-Julien-des-Landes.

To go from one bank to the other, simply take the road bridge located between the places called “La Baudrière” and “Châteaulong”. You soverlook the Lac du Jaunay for make your most beautiful Instagrammable photo in front of the cart!

Carte touristique du Lac du Jaunay 2024

Our favorite places around the lake

  • The observatory footbridge at a place called Le Moulin des Rochelles in La Chapelle-Hermier
  • The little spring on the right bank, between Le Pré and Châteaulong
  • The Grange de la Baudrière. Property of the commune of Saint-Julien-des-Landes, this barn regularly hosts family events and is often the starting point of the hikes and nature activities like Jaunay'Scapades in summer.

A beautiful place still preserved, where one is quiet, far from the crowds that throng the coast.

Good to know

• You can come with your own boat (canoe, kayak, paddle, sail, etc.) and use the pontoons at La Baudrière and Le Pré.
• Wild camping is prohibited around Lac du Jaunay.
• Do not light any fire or take any risk of causing a fire.
• Sensitive natural spaces are fragile. Take your trash with you.
• All swimming and nautical activities with thermal engines are prohibited.
• Avoid picking flowers and plants. Most of them are protected.
• Parking lots have been provided on most sites. Obey parking rules.
• Contribute to maintaining the tranquility of the sites by walking around without making unnecessary noise.
• Follow the routes of the circuits so as not to disturb the local fauna and flora and avoid damaging the quality of the place.

History of Lac du Jaunay

Lac du Jaunay is only 40 years old! In reality, it is a drinking water reservoir built in the 1970s thanks to the construction of a dam in the town of Landevieille. This reservoir is fed by the small Jaunay river which has its source in Venansault, approximately 17 km as the crow flies.



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