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The creative universe of Beaulieu-sous-la-Roche

For twenty years, Beaulieu-sous-la-Roche attracts artists and craftsmen. They appreciate the climate and the light, but above all the dynamics generated by the presence of their fellows. These professionals share their love creation, preservation and restoration of heritage

When you stroll through the alleys of the art village, do not hesitate to push the doors of their shops and workshops to dive into rich and varied creative universes.

The art school

Nine artists and craftsmen joined forces in 2020 in the “Beaulieu des Arts” association. They offer you courses in drawing, ceramics, floral art, upholstery, sculpture, cooking, stained glass, Latin calligraphy and art embroidery.

These enthusiasts, despite exercising individualistic professions, have thus been able to federate with the municipality and create Beaulieu School of Art to promote culture. Located in the Cour des Arts, in the heart of the village, this school is a real meeting place with a human dimension, dedicated to sharing and transmission.

Apart from this school, other artists and craftsmen offer courses, workshops or open their shop for you to discover their know-how. In particular, you will be able to discover bookbinding, pottery, jewelry or even cabinetmaking.

During the summer, test and reveal your creativity during of the Estiv'Arts ! Every year, the Tourist Office prepares creative workshops for you to discover the know-how of our craftsmen!

Good to know

• All courses are taught by professionals
• The quality of the craftsmen's know-how in Beaulieu-sous-la-Roche is supported by the mission " Pays de la Loire-Arts and crafts" page (in French).

The JJmagine designer store

Located in the Cour des Arts, the new JJmagine shop is a place of life for creativity and imagination.

Mélanie welcomes you all year round from Tuesday to Saturday (and Sunday market morning). Several spaces find their place there: his workshop JJpaula, products from local designers and producers, art exhibitions and a dedicated part to creative workshops set up for young and old. 

Push the door of this shop and your eyes will be delighted by so many original creations! 

Leather goods, zero waste childcare items, organic cosmetics, glass painting, macramé compositions, fabric bags, evolving clothes and creations in wood and natural stones...Here are some great ideas to offer or have fun!

The art and magic of Christmas

The town of Beaulieu-sous-la-Roche is also known for its Christmas market, one of the oldest in Vendée. With more than 130 exhibitors, this market is the largest in the department!

During the holiday season, the animated windows of the town attract many visitors and light up stars in the eyes of young and old alike. A superb Playmobil exhibition à the workshop of the Goddess and the museum of The fairy tale of the Santons complete the magic of Christmas.

Pendant Christmas celebrations, the magic operates in this charming Vendée village where we find our child's soul!

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