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The nature leisure park par excellence!

Are you more of an intellectual challenge or a physical challenge? The Grand Défi, which is aptly named, is the unmissable amusement park of the Pays des Achards, for all ages and all profiles. Whether you are a great sportsman, occasional adventurer or quiet walker, you will inevitably find your challenge to take up!

At the Grand Défi, you can choose from a dozen very varied activities, some of which can be practiced from the age of 2*:

  • Do you want to finally overcome your fear of heights? THE 38 tree climbing courses* with about thirty mega-zip lines above the ponds invite you to gain height. And there will be no better (worse?!) than the Quick Jump to take the leap!

Superb natural setting, very friendly welcome and varied activities. Impossible to get bored!

  • For fans of collective delusions, defend your spaceship in a distant galaxy in the GalacticLaser and test one of the 5 courses of the greatest Paintball of Vendee! In a calmer genre, let yourself be tempted by disc golf, activity based on the rules of golf, but which is played with discs resembling frisbees.
  • treasure hunts from the World of Sylvain*, orientation courses and scenarios of Explor'Games® will get your imagination going.
  • Pony rides* so ? Well, okay, not really a big challenge, but it's always so nice to find these quiet cushy!
  • Et Russell's Adventures (new for 2023) for children aged 2 to 5, you will discover a fun course on animals.

Why do we like Le Grand Défi?

Everything is thought out so that you spend an extraordinary moment rich in sensations. With family, couple or friends, live the experience in a wooded setting and on shaded circuits!

The Grand Défi's team of passionate professionals emphasizes safety and a quality welcome. She remains available and smiling even in high season or in the rain.

Tips and tricks

• Book your ticket at the Tourist Office and enjoy a 5% discount on all activities!
• Only leisure activities are chargeable. If you opt for lazing around, enjoy the park, mini-farm, playground and picnic areas for free while others work out!
• Dogs on a leash are accepted in the park.
• Plan a minimum of half a day, see a whole day if you want to discover several activities in the park.

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