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Here is our recipe for create highlights et make you vibrate throughout the year in the Pays des Achards:

To brighten up the gray months, mix styles and create a colorful cultural season. give him the name The Winter, just to thumb your nose at winter! Celebrate summer with Jaunay'Stivales and its open-air musical evenings. Dream big! Arrange creative meetings with Estiv'Arts, invent nature outings for Jaunay'Scapades and open the doors of the barns on the occasion of Producer visits !

Think of all tastes and all ages, passing visitors and locals! Keep a strong bond with all culture enthusiasts. relay in Agenda exhibitions, theatre, activities in the library, shows or storytelling walks...

Sprinkle with imagination, emotions and cheerfulness. Consume without moderation. You will get unmissable appointments, unforgettable moments and happy memories!